QofG Profile Submission: J Mase III



Introduce yourself! Who are you? What should we call you?

My name is J Mase III. (jay-mace-tha-third). You can call me Mase or J Mase for short. Neva “J”.

How do you identify in terms of gender, sexuality, gender expression, etc?

I identify as a transfag. I think that comes closest to how I see my sexuality and the way that I express masculinity as a person that sometimes is read as a femme boy, sometimes a butch girl, but always as really, really queer.

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Anonymous asked:
When are you going to do another sex tape?

I’ll be filming in about 30 days…IT. WILL. BE. EPIC!!!! Stay tuned….



I only wanna do nasty freak shit with someone that I am exclusively dating. I don’t wanna do nasty shit with mediocre chicks because I feel like I’m just another chick that they do nasty shit with.

#truth #weNEEDtohaveAconnection

Bromance: The stigmatized ideas surrounding Black Masculine centered Relationships. 

The world acts like masculine people can’t have intimate relationships. Sexual or not. We’re not allowed to FEEL and more importantly express it. Men included. And black masculine centered people use the word enduringly,  just like the word nigga.


I don’t use the word Bro, considering it is an origination within the surfing community, something that I know nothing about and considering that most of the black population are non swimmers, well, I digress.  

And the word romance is not used with anyone other than my wife, working out and food.

After serious thoughts, when people gender socializ me, they are using a back handed slap to the very complex and delicate identity which I have honed for many years. Likewise, I refuse to be pigeon holed into a negative Idea of not being capable of Fostering feeling or express them, unless it is in a homophobic and taboo way.

I take insults and assault very seriously.

If you are a supposedly socially responsible and aware individual,  I suggest purging your vocabulary.


Anonymous asked:
I want you.

Be about it, don’t talk about it. Come get me….

Anonymous asked:
;) I was referred to your page by a mutual twitter friend . I must say you are impressive ...

{blushing} I’m glad you’re enjoying it! I appreciate your support. ~Kai

Anonymous asked:
What does a beautiful stud like me do when my mind is telling me no . But my body .. My body is telling me yes!!!! ( I have work to do but the hormones poppin)

Then be like Nike and Just Do It! What’s holding you back? Your friends? FUCK EM! A Label? FUCK IT! Society? FUCK THEM TOO! If you want it, GET IT! Good luck ~Kai

Anonymous asked:
Kai (; you are SOOO cute !!! I just wanna cuddle you to death ugh 😩☺️

I love to be cuddled!!!!!!!!! ☺️☺️☺️

Anonymous asked:
Hey Kai, Been following you a while now & figured you could give me the best info of my so concerning needs lol. I'm very inexperienced as far as sex goes like 40 yo virgin status but am pursuing someone & in need of any advice/ pointers to make my first time not as unbearable and awkward. Also looking for recommendations as a first time strap purchaser 🙈 (best material, brand, etc.?) I know nothing and would appreciate any help 😁🙏 Sincerely counting on you lol Possible to email you? Thanks

Email me: studslayer@live.com

I have questions!!!


Birthday Boi (Slang) celebrating at Va Beach, Va. We wanted to swim but that water was COLD!!!

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