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What does a beautiful stud like me do when my mind is telling me no . But my body .. My body is telling me yes!!!! ( I have work to do but the hormones poppin)

Then be like Nike and Just Do It! What’s holding you back? Your friends? FUCK EM! A Label? FUCK IT! Society? FUCK THEM TOO! If you want it, GET IT! Good luck ~Kai

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Kai (; you are SOOO cute !!! I just wanna cuddle you to death ugh 😩☺️

I love to be cuddled!!!!!!!!! ☺️☺️☺️

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Hey Kai, Been following you a while now & figured you could give me the best info of my so concerning needs lol. I'm very inexperienced as far as sex goes like 40 yo virgin status but am pursuing someone & in need of any advice/ pointers to make my first time not as unbearable and awkward. Also looking for recommendations as a first time strap purchaser 🙈 (best material, brand, etc.?) I know nothing and would appreciate any help 😁🙏 Sincerely counting on you lol Possible to email you? Thanks

Email me:

I have questions!!!


Birthday Boi (Slang) celebrating at Va Beach, Va. We wanted to swim but that water was COLD!!!

Sometimes you have to ❤️ yourself…A LOT!

Whoever sent me that submission I just posted…!!!!! I was leaning so far into my phone I almost fell off the couch. Damn I was there with you….every fukn word!!! The visuals….LAWWWWD! You’re a fantastic story teller. I hope you send me more ;)


I was so horny yesterday *shrug*

(This is a true story) I don’t know why but I can’t help but imagine coming home to a beautiful butch wife, being smothered in her kisses when I step through the door. But instead I arrive alone at my plain Ol’ apartment. Frustrated from the tough day I had at work; all I can think about is reliving some stress. I’m not your typical AG/Dom . I’m pretty feminine despite my outward appearance. Don’t laugh, but I’m a shorty .. 5’1 smooth chocolate complexion with an athletic build. Ive been playing basketball all my life so I’ve always had this body that the ladies can’t seem to resist . Yet I never seem ready to commit..anyways I digress.
I walked into my apartment yesterday afternoon frustrated and tired … But what a better way to relieve stress then to take a nap? I mean that’s what my minds been set on ever since I woke up early from my bitch ass neighbors dogs barking. So as I step inside I kick off my shoes and toss my laptop bag over the arm of my beige colored couch. I then proceed to pull off my khaki pants and slide off my loosely fitted button down tee. I’m fully exposed apart from my tan sports bra and black boy shorts . I walk over to my couch and lay in it face down for a second .. This is what I do after a hard day. Just lay with my head buried in the couch cushions hoping I suffocate. Just kidding not really, (but seriously) by the time I got adjusted and comfortable I was sitting up with my legs slightly lifted and my head resting tilted upwards on the opposite side of the couch where my laptop bag laid. I shut my eyes and began dreaming about a beautiful tall stud. Having her caress my body and kiss me in places I never knew felt so good; She starts kissing on my neck and proceeds to pull my sports bra over my head and throw it on the ground beside the couch, and starts to suck on my hard nipples … By this time while I was dozed off I unconsciously had my hands rubbing on my clitoris . It wasn’t until the girl in my dreams started to kiss down my stomach and finally planted her lips on my clit I awoke from my short nap only to discover my hands soaking wet in my boy shorts. Now I’m the type of person who never half asses shit. So I take my boy shorts and sports bra off and get comfortable . I start imagining the girl in my dream rolling her tongue around my clitoris and slowly making her way down to slide her tongue inside me . I rub faster on my clit and let out a soft moan. I imagine her penetrating me with a nice thick strap going in and out of my tight pussy . I take two fingers and slide them in and out of my pussy gradually going faster while I think of this hot tall stud fucking my lil small ass senseless . She grabs my throat and starts choking me while she pounds me deeper and deeper . I can feel my pussy tightening around my fingers so I know I’m about to bust. By this time my moans are getting loud as hell and my legs beginning to shake .. I tell myself to hold this nut or else she’s going to punish me… But, fuck! I can’t hold it anymore . I let out the gayest moan of my life no bullshit ..I really bitched out ,and tears began rolling out of my eyes and my body shook uncontrollably . I moan in complete bliss .. I slide my fingers out of my pussy and let the cum escape and run down my thighs and ass. I lay on my *now* wet couch gasping for air …

5:30a at the airport on my way to San Fran. I’m tired & irritable. Of course I see a story about a bomb scare at Dallas yesterday. And of course there was an earthquake in SF yesterday. I’m winning huh?

Drops mic

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Where can one find the full video of you and Papi Coxxx? The original website no longer offers the ability to register/subscribe.

The video is on and I just spoke with the webmaster to better answer your question. They’ve had several new subscriptions in the last month so not sure why you can’t. You can go to the ‘contact us’ tab at the bottom of the home page and they can better assist you. Thanks for your support!! ~K

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