5:30a at the airport on my way to San Fran. I’m tired & irritable. Of course I see a story about a bomb scare at Dallas yesterday. And of course there was an earthquake in SF yesterday. I’m winning huh?

Drops mic

Anonymous asked:
Where can one find the full video of you and Papi Coxxx? The original website no longer offers the ability to register/subscribe.

The video is on queerlysf.com and I just spoke with the webmaster to better answer your question. They’ve had several new subscriptions in the last month so not sure why you can’t. You can go to the ‘contact us’ tab at the bottom of the home page and they can better assist you. Thanks for your support!! ~K

Anonymous asked:
I would totally take you up on that offer and do a scene with you even though im not experienced like you.

Well…that would require you to come off anon so we can talk about it~K

Anonymous asked:
Do you only do porn with porn stars or would you have sex with someone who wanted to learn some things?

I’d love to do a scene with someone not known and who’s confident enough to show up and take what I give them. Not a lot of ppl willing to jump out there tho. ~K

Anonymous asked:
That video you did with Papi was so sexy. Wish I had someone like you or Papi to fuck me like that.

Thanks a lot, glad you enjoyed the vid. Great tops who know how to fuck are hard to find. So when you find one…keep em 😉~K

Anonymous asked:
You are so sexy.

(Blushing) Thank you ~K

compliments-people asked:
You're awesome and an amazing person!

{Blushing} Thank you!

Getting ready for my new flick! Super excited!!

Anonymous asked:
killer fade


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