My ass is poppin harder than Rice Crispies. I may have to retire as a Top & be a Power Bottom.

Happy 420 πŸŒΏπŸ’¨!! (if that goofy smirk doesn’t scream ‘I’m high’)

Twitter Love!

Pink & White…because I can.

Hanging out on a beautiful day with my beautiful boi!

Throwback Thursday ~I was 21 yrs old…BEFORE I discovered threading. Those eyebrows tho :(

Anonymous asked:
Hey Kai. We used to fuck back in the day. Watching your porn preview reminded me of how good that dick is!!! We should get together again soon!!!!!!

Before we get together you’d have to remind me why we ain’t fukn anymore. But for real did you REALLY need to see that preview to know how good this rod is? It’s hard to forget, I assure you. Come off anon. I need to see who you are.


Anonymous asked:
I'm a fem and I saw your porn. all i can say is WOW!!! damn i had to drink water several times while watching. I wanna show my stud so bad then maybe she'll let me fuck her. You think she will? I mean if you can get fucked why can't she? What can I do to convince her?

Thanks for your support & I’m glad you liked it. As for your boi…you’ll have to talk to her about it & find out why she’s adverse to getting fucked if she is. Have you asked or did you just assume she wouldn’t cuz she’s a boi? Whatever the case a conversation is required. Broach the subject then come holla back & tell me what she said. Good luck love.


Anonymous asked:
Hey Slayer! I saw you at the club this weekend. I've had the biggest crush on you forever but I was too scared to say anything to you :(. Maybe I'll run into you again soon

Hey. Well I don’t bite so it would have been cool to come say hi. Confidence is everything. It’s what gets my attention. So next time be sure to say hello. “Closed legs don’t get fukd”


Gym progress…feeling good & looking better

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